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Everything You Need - Impact

In 2022 we began working closely with Impact to develop a cinematic story that could accompany their international re-brand launch. It was a complex brief with a simple outcome - a short, relatable film with beautiful visuals that would speak to a worldwide audience. 'It’s human nature to consider giving up when things don't go as we plan. To lose hope. But in that exact moment, lies our greatest opportunity to learn and grow. To adapt and do things differently. To change. Change is a deeply human learning process. But it isn’t always easy. It takes courage and it takes perseverance. And sometimes, it takes a little help to unlock the potential that lies within. Impact | Liberating Human Potential.' It was pleasure to work with Impact and we're very proud of the film we made together. We hope you enjoy it too!

Director - Dom Bush Writer - Simon Sylvester Cinematographer - Jake Mckenna Producers - Helen Lawrie, Simon Sylvester Art Director - Kezz Turner Score - Adrian Leung Sound Design - Michael Denny


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