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Kendal Mountain Festival Promo 2018 - 'Countless Connections'

With great pleasure we set out creating the new Kendal Mountain Festival trailer, which is now live and clocking up thousands of views through Facebook. This is a challenging project with a number of creative aspects to manage. We are very lucky to work with footage shot by the best adventure filmmakers from across the world, but this all needs to be sourced directly from the creators and downloaded before we can embark on the edit. This year we wanted to add our own original narrative to the trailer, something that would ground it here in the culture of the area, so we spoke to a local folk singer with a wonderful Irish and rustled up some children. We decided to use Sprint Mill as a location as it aesthetically unique and very beautiful and would suit our narrative perfectly.

Although I was instrumental in managing the music, video clips and shooting the Sprint Mill scenes, much credit must go to Simon who wrote the beautiful words, directed the narrative and constructed the edit. His talent shines through as always.

So, here it is - 'Countless Connections'

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