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What should Kendal do about climate change?

In 2020 Kendal became the first town in Britain to hold a citizen's jury on climate change, and Land & Sky were on hand to help the team summarise and document their findings in a short film. Coordinated by Kendal Town Council and comprised of a randomly selected cross section of Kendal residents, the citizens jury sought to create a list of recommendations that will help to tackle climate change locally and globally.

We are lucky enough to have some eminent climate scientists and researchers in our local community, and the jury had tailored sessions with experts from all fields who could help inform their decisions. Being committed to environmental causes and local activism we provided some time in kind to support the climate jury - this was a truly pioneering project and we feel very privelaged to have been part of it.

You can read more about the Citizen's Climate Jury > here <

And watch our film below.


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