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Restoring Goldrill Beck - The National Trust

As an organisation Land & Sky is rooted in Cumbria, and each member of our team has a unique relationship to the landscape here. So it was a huge privelage to create a new film documenting the National Trust's biggest river restoration project to date which took place very close by in Patterdale in the Ullswater Valley. The film is now available to view below.

Here's what the National Trust said about their project, which took close to 20 years of development and negotiation.

'Led by the Riverlands Project, in partnership with the Environment Agency, the National Trust has remeandered 1km of Goldrill Beck, near Hartsop in the Ullswater Valley. By moving the river from its current course and reconnecting it to its floodplain, this work will slow the flow of water downstream, and create new and better quality habitats for nature and wildlife.'


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