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Real Adventure - promo film and photography package

Getting ready for a caving trip in North Yorkshire

Over the past two months we have been working closely with our friends Dan and Jen at Real Adventure, providing a bespoke photo and video package to promote their business to new and existing clients. Video is an invaluable tool for websites and social media channels, and although it can be a big investment, done properly it can create really positive returns for businesses who are looking to grow and develop and communicate a level of professionalism.

Real Adventure canoe expedition heading down Ullswater.

Real Adventure is an outdoor activities company that Dan and Jen run from their home just outside Kendal, which provides adventure education experiences in the Lake District and North Yorkshire. Within the project we have focussed on documenting the four main strands of Real Adventure's provision, adventure education - friends and family experiences - skills and guiding - and qualifications. So we sat down for a client meeting with Dan and Jen and really drilled down on what they wanted to communicate in the videos we would provide, agreeing on a cinematic style that would engage and inspire whilst communicating the company ethos and core values of Real Adventure. Dan was a really keen to show the quality of the experiences, kit and instruction on offer so we have focussed on this throughout the shoots.

A caving expedition through Upper and Lower Longchurn in North Yorkshire.

Alongside a video package we have offered a selection of still images from each day of shooting. This is an extra we like to provide for clients so they have a range of materials to use on their website and social channels and can maximise the value of the work. It has been a pleasure to work with another great client that has really engaged with the process, seeing the value in the product we can provide and carefully managing the shoots from their side. It's also been a welcome review of my abilities as a filmmaker, and a gentle reminder that I have really valuable skills and experience that can see me filming a caving trip or hanging from a 50m abseil one day, and climbing a waterfall the next. I love my job!

Watch our first film for Real Adventure below.

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