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A short documentary series for Staveley based sustainability charity SENS.

Close to a year ago we embarked on a commission for a local charity to create a series of short documentary films set in Staveley, a small village just north of Kendal. We worked with local businesses, residents and children - the next generation of community in the area - to tell these important stories. As a team we set about developing a series of succinct narratives that would explore themes central to SENS' work. The focus was on Staveley Carnival, local housing, farming, and living in a sustainable community. We are very proud of the work we have done with SENS and feel that these films help to capture the magic of living in a small rural community. We also hope they will encourage debate around the importance of such communities and their sustainability in the future.

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION - The colour and creativity of Staveley Carnival, the Bridge Opening and Wearable Arts show featuring carnival co-creator Shelley Barlow.

MAKING AND DOING - Two intrepid reporters set out to discover how the village of Staveley is preparing for the future.

IN GOOD HEART - Local smallholder Adam Crowe reflects on sustainability and how farming might change in an uncertain world.

MAKING DENS - A film about housing in Staveley.

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