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Kendal Mountain Festival 2017

In the midst of building a new website and having a much needed hiatus from social media I didn't get a chance to post our 2017 trailer for Kendal Mountain Festival. It's a shame because it's one of our most prized pieces of work.This was a team effort between myself , Land and Sky editor Simon Sylvester and festival art director Claire Carter, and we are very very proud of the result. I set about assembling the team, sourcing the clips we would use from submitted films, and planning the voice-over while Simon began editing. He accurately described the footage we worked with as 'an embarrassment of riches'. Claire wrote a beautiful first draft of the script which was then polished by Si before I recorded the final voice-over with friend of the festival and mountain bike star Lee Craigie.

We had some big shoes to fill in producing this. The festival promo was created for a number of years by my good friend Matt Pycroft and the Coldhouse Collective team. So when we were trusted with the job in 2017 we knew we had to make it sing.

So here it is, hit HD, turn it up loud and prepare to be inspired!

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