A Wealth Like No Other

A Wealth Like No Other

My working life has changed significantly over the past year. I am no longer just navigating the often stressful, uncertain world of freelance work, which I admit, has it’s perks and moments of brilliance.

Over a year ago now I stuck my neck out and applied for a job teaching film production in post 16 further education. It was an experiment at the time really, as an unqualified, largely self-taught filmmaker I felt I had little chance of getting the job but wanted to aim high. Now over a year has passed, I am a teacher for four days a week and I happily look back on how far I have come.

Teaching is hard. You have to be resilient, pick yourself up time and time again, come face to face with your own flaws, and somehow justify your place in an educational system that is constantly squeezed, shifted and jeopardised by cuts from politicians like Gove. You get some holidays but holy shit you have to work for them.

Although at times this stuff can dominate, I try to stay mindful of the personal things that teaching has given me. From the moment I walked in that door on my first day I had to learn to listen, be less selfish, more compassionate, more adaptable, open to different ways of thinking and being, to look at my own film work and consider it’s quality and importance. Without doubt, since I started teaching others, I have developed personal and professional qualities that I never imaged I would. It’s not for everyone, and it might not be forever, but I’m glad I stuck my neck out.

I now have a stable income which allows a little time to pursue the projects that re-kindle my love for film, which is a great thing. This is something I filmed in Sprint Mill a few months ago, with my friend Sam, whom I respect greatly for his raw style and the integrity of his ideas and beliefs. I hope you enjoy it.

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